What is a CEPA & Why Does It Matter?

What is a CEPA designation?

CEPA stands for Certified Exit Planning Advisor. This designation is for financial advisors and other professions, such as attorneys or business brokers, who wish to provide additional support to business owners looking to get out of their business by developing an exit plan. Exit planning at its core allows business owners to see the full value of their business and transition it on their own terms.

This designation was established by the Exit Planning Institute as a way to engage more with business owners to help them see their full potential. In order to receive this designation, one must take a rigorous four-day learning course taught by exit planning specialists and pass a final exam.

Exit Readiness Questionnaire

Why Does it matter?

As a CEPA, we have the knowledge and experience to help business owners see the full circle of their financial picture to help them transition out of the business in their own way. By utilizing the Value Acceleration Methodology, we are able to education business owners on building and preserving their wealth while simultaneously implementing top business practices in their daily operations. Together, we can build their roadmap (exit plan) to make the most out of their business.

CEPA Resources

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CEPA Resources

The Value Acceleration Methodology focuses on three key points to bring it all together for effective exit planning.


Maximizing Business Value


Personal Financial Planning


Life After Business Planning

It is crucial for all three topics to be tied together for a proper exit strategy because it’s more than just business readiness. It’s also about personal readiness so the business owner can be emerge financially independent from the business.

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Exit Readiness Questionnaire