We understand that creating and running a charitable foundation comes with a variety of challenges, liabilities, and familial obligations. To make it easy for you to start, grow and run your foundation, we utilize our proprietary 6-step approach, The Philanthropic Blueprint. We take the most time-consuming parts off your plate so you and your family can enjoy the process of giving back and creating your future legacy.

Read below to learn about each step of the process and how the “blueprint” will guide our time together as we help to build your unique legacy. If you have questions about our process and what it would look like for you, give us a call at 785 841 0154 to discuss.

Step One: The Foundation Focus™

Meeting with the Matriarch/Patriarch of the Family we use customized tools to conduct a guided conversation that brings focus to the “Why” of the organization. We help establish the mission, vision, and values of the foundation which creates alignment and provides direction for all family/board members moving forward.

Step Two: Your Philanthropic Team™

In step two, we establish the success criteria for choosing Your Philanthropic Team™. We use exclusive tools to determine the talent, capabilities, passions, and personality traits required to deliver on the mission and vision while staying true to the values of the foundation.

The roles within the foundation are clearly defined as well as the expected time and activity commitments. And we create a fail-safe off ramp for any family members who no longer wish to be involved. We establish clear expectations/ground rules so the foundation can stand on its own and not be negatively affected if one or more family members leave.

The foundation is taking shape in a practical way that ensures everyone can see the big picture, the progress being made, and fully understand the role they will play in its success.

Step Three: The Distribution Success Criteria™

Creating the Distribution Success Criteria is essential to provide governance to the process of dispersing the funds and will reflect the directives, values, and priorities of the family.

The expenditure policy becomes clearly defined and provides a process for distributing funds that each family/board member will understand to avoid future liabilities and missed opportunities for giving.

Step Four: Funding and Structure™

Now that the work has been done to make sure the structure of the foundation is sound, we can assist in making it a legal entity. We work with your professionals, to be sure the family is protected from any liabilities and is taking advantage of all the available tax efficiencies.

With the foundation operational, we provide an on-ramp for family members who would like to participate, and we on-board them so they are quickly up to speed.

We continually attend to the details, making sure nothing is overlooked and the foundation is running smoothly, distributing funds, and raising money. We make adjustments and refinements as needed based on changing wishes and needs of the community you are serving.

Step Five: The Big Reveal™

This is an exciting time as all the family/board members possess the knowledge needed to make good decisions based on the mission, priorities, and values and at this time we present The Philanthropic Blueprint. We have heard all your voices, compiled all the work that has been done up to this point and present it to the family.

We create a website to make it easy for people/organizations to apply for grants and coordinate a broader community launch to reinforce your brand and secure your legacy.

Step Six: The Diligent Compliance

We are driven to support the vision you have for your future and keep you and the foundation compliant by conducting thorough due diligence, site visits and assessments on the potential recipients of your giving. We consistently review proposals and requests and update the board/family on any changes to laws that may have an impact on their foundation and who they are gifting.

We make it easy for you to start, grow and run your foundation by taking the most time-consuming parts off your plate so you and your family can enjoy the process of giving back and creating your future legacy.

Raymond James and its advisors do not offer tax or legal advice. You should discuss any tax or legal matters with the appropriate professional.

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