James and Greg Origin Story


It was 2007 when James Norton, a young intern, landed at Keating & Associates, a place that Greg Hill had already called home for 15 years. Their paths ran parallel in the initial years, each forging their own careers, until they converged to form a partnership that would help to shape the future of their practice.

From the beginning, James did not enjoy asking for referrals and introductions (the trademark of a “salesman”). And it was him who saw the potential for a synergy between Greg’s adeptness in this arena and his ability to see the big picture and create fresh solutions for their clients. Together, they crafted the “The Future Success Builder,” a process that introduced consistency and structure into their work and created ease for their clients. As they continued working side by side, it became crystal clear where their respective strengths lay.

Like every team, they faced their share of trial and error, and they used these challenges as learning opportunities. Their shared values, especially the importance they placed on family, solidified their bond further. Under their leadership, the company ethos shifted. Clients no longer felt they were part of mere transactions. Instead, they recognized the genuine relationship-building approach James and Greg fostered. The staff also blossomed in this supportive environment, continually pushing boundaries, and enhancing their skills.

In the ensuing years, their partnership blossomed. They landed larger clients, streamlined their team, and founded “Pieces Wealth,” a venture recently recognized by 2024 Forbes America’s Top Wealth Management Teams Best-in-State for its excellence.

Their distinct roles began to emerge more lucidly. While Greg front lined the initial client interactions, James dove into the intricate and high-level planning. They ensured never to step on each other’s toes, each one understanding when it was time to step back and let the other take charge.

Perhaps the most vital component of their successful collaboration was their ability to shed ego. They never let personal ambitions cloud the team’s objective, which is to offer clients dedicated and focused service. Their complementary skills became their strongest asset, with Greg’s calm persona helping reset the team’s equilibrium in stressful times, while James’s direct approach paved the way for efficient and honest communications.

Their success wasn’t due to their individual skills, but the mutual respect they harbored for each other. Their journey stands as a testament to what two individuals, when united by a shared vision and mutual respect, can achieve. They’re not just colleagues; they’re visionaries who’ve mastered the art of harmonious collaboration.

The 2024 Forbes ranking of America’s Top Wealth Management Teams Best-In-State, developed by SHOOK Research, is based on an algorithm of qualitative criteria, mostly gained through telephone and in-person due diligence interviews, and quantitative data. This ranking is based upon the period from 3/31/2022 to 3/31/2023 and was released on 01/09/2024. Advisor teams that are considered must have one advisor with a minimum of seven years of experience, have been in existence as a team for at least one year, have at least 5 team members, and have been nominated by their firm. The algorithm weights factors like revenue trends, assets under management, compliance records, industry experience and those that encompass best practices in their practices and approach to working with clients. Portfolio performance is not a criteria due to varying client objectives and lack of audited data. Out of approximately 10,100 team nominations, 4,100 advisor teams received the award based on thresholds. This ranking is not indicative of an advisor’s future performance, is not an endorsement, and may not be representative of individual clients’ experience. Neither Raymond James nor any of its Financial Advisors or RIA firms pay a fee in exchange for this award/rating. Raymond James is not affiliated with Forbes or Shook Research, LLC. Please see https://www.forbes.com/lists/wealth-management-teams-best-in-state/ for more info.”