The Pisces Wealth Process™

Step One: The Vision Clarifier™

The first step, The Vision Clarifier™, brings laser focus to what is most important to you and your vision for the rest of your life. Ensuring there is alignment with everyone involved, we are able to immediately address critical issues and pave the way to the future that you’ve designed for yourself and your family.

Step Two: The Comprehensive Financial Snapshot™

Step two incorporates all the elements that contribute to your current and future wealth. Using comprehensive tools, we are able to easily build out and refine your Comprehensive Financial Snapshot™, that includes;

  • An accurate depiction of all revenue/income sources
  • A complete list of ALL expenditures
  • A list of all assets and the corresponding characteristics and limitations
  • A thorough list of priorities, by order of importance, along with the accompanying action plans/strategies

Step Three: The Integrated Wealth Vault™

In step three, we identify, locate and gather everything that is essential to enhancing an preserving your wealth and house it in The Integrated Wealth Vault™. Included in your vault is all of your traditional financial documents such as securities, tax forms, mortgages, wills, etc., as well as non-financial items of importance, for example, marriage certificates, letters to family members, family photos. The Integrated Wealth Vault is live, up-to-date, and safe.

It was created to give you 24/7 access to everything in one place with the ability to monitor at your leisure.

Step Four: The Empowered Choice™

After completing step four, The Empowered Choice™, you have a new vantage point from which you see things that you couldn’t see before.  You will make choices about your finances and your future from a place of full knowledge and disclosure. Specifically, you will know all of your sources of income and expenditures, both discretionary and non-discretionary. Your wishes will be expressed in a more precise manner which then enables the refinement of the action plan.

Step Five: The Future Success Builder™

Step five is where the rubber hits the road. To thoroughly understand and explain the implications of your choices, we run several scenarios with various alternative actions. You will be able to easily see the impact of your decisions on your current situation and future growth. The Future Success Builder™ is a recurring step. As circumstances, your wishes, vision and the market change, your plan must adapt to achieve your growth and legacy.

Step Six: Lagniappe (/lan ‘yap/) – Something given as a bonus or extra gift 

Have you ever had someone give you a recipe and you tried it, step by step, ingredient by ingredient but it just doesn’t taste the way they made it? It’s because some people don’t include, or don’t even know how to articulate all the extra little touches and steps they take to make the dish remarkable. Step six is exactly that.

To us, “Lagniappe” is the on-going drive to constantly conduct deep research and identify unique areas for growth, emerging trends, regulatory changes, and ideas so that we can support you proactively to positively impact future growth.

We are consistently out there hunting for new strategies and working the problem that can enhance your ability to grow your wealth, to support the vision for your future and preserve your legacy.

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